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They pray deliverance to gain
Next day you'll find them here again
Come son into a sacred place
Seek god love life under his grace
He sees your every shaky step
He saves your from the wicked trap
He keeps you under happy light
He finds wherever you will hide
Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live together
Stay blind you needn't see no more
Chains bind not much to struggle for
I'll die in clear mind or rave
And smile for I was note a slave
Rage is burning inside my veins
Purge this world with unholy flames
Shriek the blasphemies at above
Wolf the heart of the holy dove
Stay in fight - When it's Right
Hesitate - Seal your fate.
I have been looking at the sky
Rain falling down onto my face about to cry
Sights getting blurred by the rain
I'm getting down on my knees, my mind, my pain
Rain philosopher's friend
Clears my mind, makes it free
Since I was born in endless sin
They've always told me only lies, eternal lies
That there would be a freedoms weel
Would there I'm trying to get rid of this obsession?
Rain philosopher's friend
Clears my mind , makes it free
Rain lightnings stabbing down
I'll soon come to the ground
I feel it,it makes me so lone, I'm tired
Since I have been loving you, oh, lost fire
Sitting on the stone by the sea
Hearing for my song stay with me
I sing for you, let's mourn and cry
I see your smile through tears , now our love is gone
Tears like a rain can clear, let it remain, as it is, remain
In heaven, my garden I keep Day'n night
My love's like a flower, there is my life there
Gardens door I keep let it remain as it is...
Wings, oh, the Wings, take and fly.
Fly? No, I can’t, can I try?
Yes, sure. Come on, close your eyes.
You’ll get the Wings, get the might.
Have you ever seen it - U.F.O.
Target for the airforce - fly no more.
Wishes, sweet illusions - it seems real.
Chances, real chances - out of will.
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Jump. Running. Jump. Standing. Jump.
Crash..... Bloody snout, groaning snout.
Green dirty spot in the air
Grace, magic grace every where
Delight and joy upon your face
And I have got a touching sight
You've got a chance, but was it real?
You've got a lie , a real lie.......
Look onto the purple space
Do you feel a burning sight
Shining eyes, like tongues of flame
I shall not win this fight
It's time for free-will sacrifice... free will
It's time... for free
Thought eats thought, it's a bomb within
Clouds and peace, oh, it so near
Mother Abyss, Father Wind
Take me home from here
I want to stay forever here... forever
I want... to stay
Wind is wispering in my ear,
Abyss calls me like my mum
I lose the will, and I don't care
I come into your arms.....
I follow the voice of a wind...
Who can see the end of time?
Great feast of a hungry depth
Who are you? Somebody's thinking like a king
You just a grain of sand
King is not here
You are the pawns
You are, you are
Why? We are the slaves. We're slaves of time
Who? Who wanna hear? To hear my cry?
What? What can I do. I have not power
Where? Where is the truth. Please, tell me, father
Giant sand-glass... I can see it
Time for all and time for no one
A universe is waiting for a virgin chaos
Chaos after the decadence age...
I'll soon be there
I want to know
I will, ...I will
Starlight and wine...
I feel your heartbeat tonight...
It seems so real but this time is flown
After the lovenight she's gone...
So sad romance...
You left me no little chance
'Twas just adventure, destiny game
I have a kind of your flame
Heartbreaking thrill
Just take my time
My sky is crying
One night of love
I lost my mind
Where is my pride?
You ... were so sweet
It's sad but we'll never meet
How could I hold you?
I didn't know
Where the love was coming from
I'm running away from this love through the rain
I'm running, I'm falling ... and running again
So far down the road of my fate
And rainbow keeps open its gate
I am lone, I'm growing wild
But I can fly, in time so high
High ... So high ... My! ...
Oh, my! (3 times)
Lost in Atmosphere
Chained by perfect bliss
Dance with astral demons through the mist
Wake me, shake me, baby
Hold me, let me cry
Close the open windows till I fly
My body wants to stay
In rapture's dream
My soul has two halves now
Behind the screen
Wake me, shake me, baby
Hold me, let me cry
Close the open windows till I fly
I can feel the world above
So deep inside, inside of mind
High ... So high ... My! ...
Oh, my! (3 times)
I'm... So high, so high...
Cause I can fly... in time, so high... so high...h

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